Witches Brew

A very shortened version of my 10 minute play Witches Brew appears within Rainbows and Ribbons. A staged reading of the play premiered in October 2015 as part of an evening of Halloween-themed gay plays produced by the Village Playwrights, an LGBT playwrights group in NYC that I belong to.

In trying to come up with an LGBT play for Halloween, I got to thinking, wouldn't it be funny if a magical craft beer could turn people gay? Or at least, bring out that part of a person they may have hidden away? When I wrote the original version, it seemed like I was bouncing between both ideas. I settled on flat out turning someone gay. The comedy came when the audience sees the transformation and the characters don't know they've been transformed. They act as if what they are inspired to do all of a sudden (like buy a pick-up truck or redecorate a room) is completely natural to them.

A quick glimpse of Mary Riley and I, post transformation as we performed the shortened version in Rainbows and Ribbons appears in the highlight video on the video page of this website. Alyson Reim Friedman did a wonderful job directing us as we discovered the moments we had together during the piece. The November 2017 show was the best performance out of the four times we did the show this year.

Ross HewittComment